How to backup your SQL Database using Helm Control


Login into Helm Control

From there select My Domains

Next pick the domain where you have a database in use. Here is an example

Then choose My Little Admin which is the portal to your SQL Server database

And then click Login into My Little Admin

Next you should be presented with this screen:

Complete your database name, login and password – Please note these will be different, so you need to know what they are Wink

Once you’ve logged in select Tools

And then choose Backup Database within your management folder

You may be presented with another screen but again choose Backup Database

Now select Choose Database – and you have a drop down box. Choose the database you want to back up

When you’ve done that it will automatically advance to this:

Click OK and then give your database a name and the details you want. Examples could be:
Description – 10112008 (something simple like the date you did it Wink

Once you have your backup file

You can download it safely to your hard drive. You can repeat this step as often as you prefer

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